Monitorare e bloccare il traffico voce e dati


YouRTem to monitor and block voice and data traffic

YouRTem is a product available for Android and iOS platforms.
It is used to monitor the consumption of data directly on the phone by configuring thresholds and preparing special alerts, with the ability to automatically block the traffic of a single user avoiding “Bill Shock”.
Thanks to YouRTem, the Customer will always be able to keep the consumption of his employees’ devices under control.


Main features

    1. Traffic under control: measure and/or block data and voice traffic.
    2. Threshold management: setting the threshold (also for country) of one or more events.
    3. Application management: list of applications for each device.
    4. Monitoring: takes place continuously even if the app is closed.
    5. Reporting: preconfigured reports for each user/device/groups/countries.
    6. Deploy via EMM: the app can be distributed through the management console of the main platforms.





Control and measure the data/voice/sms traffic of the devices by configuring consumption thresholds and preparing specific alerts

* For details on the features and distinctions between iOS, Android standard and Android KNOX refer to the compatibility matrix.


Manage incoming / outgoing calls / sms via white / black list in international roaming areas.
Ensure the blocking of data traffic when thresholds defined by zone are reached, administrate permits and consult logs of calls made, received, rejected

* For details on the features and distinctions between iOS, Android standard and Android KNOX refer to the compatibility matrix.

Contact management

Organize and manage all contacts and the corporate directory for any platform:

for Android, it can be managed centrally through an integration with the “native” directory app offered by the operating system;

for iOS, It is manageable via a dedicated YouCo app that maintains the same look & feel of the native iOS “Contacts” app.


Web Enterprise Management

Business Intelligence Tools & Analytics to allow analysis and in-depth monitoring of data, offering:

to function managers/CdC, to understand, analyze and control the costs of your area of reference through the analysis of data coming from different sources (eg telephone bills … etc.) in line with the current legislation on privacy;

to IT references, to keep the allocation/assignment of each service and/or telephone device up-to-date, having a reference/control point at hand to which all company changes can be communicated (income, expenses, transfers…)


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